We have a wide range of stock items as well as the ability to custom design items for use in the supermarket/food industry

Shelf Stoppers

Can be custom made to height, length and thickness.
Essential for stopping items from falling off shelves, (especially in earthquake prone areas)

Shelf Protectors

Need to protect your shelves?  We can supply clear Rigid PVC as a protective layer to ensure longer lasting and easy to clean shelves.

Fridge/Freezer Dividers

Essential for separating different food groups, clear acrylic can be custom made to any size/shape and thickness.

Freezer stand offs

To ensure that cold air is circulated and not blocked by products, we design and manufacture freezer stand offs to keep the products away from essential vents that keep the food frozen.


Presentation is important for all bakery items.  We custom make bakery trays for all display units.  Cupcake trays ensure an even spacing for better presentation, and the same principal can be applied to any other item.

Fridge Blinds

We can replace the PVC in your pull down blinds saving you money and energy.

Fruit/Vegetable displays

Presentation is essential with fresh produce.  Have your Fruit/Vegie department looking fantastic with our range of acrylic that will keep your products separated and stacked for total customer satisfaction.

Custom display Units

Maximise your displays with clear see through acrylic.  No space is too small to display items.  We design and custom make for any requirements.  Hold your products upright for better viewing, and easier stock replacement.

Poster/brochure holders

Need to display a product price/special or magazine?  We can manufacture virtually anything to fit your requirements.