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Coronavirus supplies

Our standard range of freestanding sneeze guards are:

1. Freestanding sneeze guard – no gap at bottom – sits flush with the counter-top. $205
2. Freestanding sneeze guard with hole – no gap at bottom – same as item 1 but with a hole for passing product to customers, eg at a deli counter. $205
3. Freestanding sneeze guard – gap at bottom – the gap allows an EFTPOS machine or receipt to be passed underneath. $240
4. Freestanding sneeze guard – gap at bottom 650W – same as item 3 but not as wide. $240

The dimensions of each of these guards are in the drawings below and we can adjust the dimensions to suit your individual requirements although it may alter the cost. Pricing does not include GST or delivery.

We can also manufacture custom sneeze guards, partnering with other companies to perform the site measures and installs.

Email us bryan@graleyplastics.co.nz  for queries.



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