If you are looking for a plastic fabricator that can bring your unique items to life, your search ends with Graley Plastics.

Our unparalleled expertise in laser cutting is at your disposal to custom design items to perfection. We can cut and engrave a long list of materials, giving you plenty of choices to find the right one for your needs.

Endless Design Possibilities

As the premier plastic fabrication & laser cutting company in Wellington, you can rely on us to accurately design your item to your specification. Whether you need 3D lettering for your backlit sign, a tailored bakery tray for your cupcakes, or a customised display unit for your products, we’ve got your requirements covered and will make them attractive to your customers.

Quality and Versatility

Because we leverage on laser cutting to fabricate plastic items, you can expect nothing but high-quality products from us. This revolutionary technology allows us to precisely cut the materials to the last detail with polished & finished edges that no other method can match.

Precision cutting means faster production. This is the reason we can accommodate any number of orders and make them available in no time. Be it two pieces or two dozen, your orders will be in your store before you know it.

Best-in-Class Customer Service

We built our business around customer service. Our staffs display a high level of courtesy and professionalism and are adept at assisting you with all of your enquiries. Our greatest reward is to know we meet and exceed your expectations and see you satisfied with our work.

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